Norganna's SVN repository

Welcome to Norganna's SVN repository.

This is the public SVN repository made available from our development repository at

PLEASE NOTE: Using this SVN repository requires that you install a Subversion client on your computer.
Windows users may wish to get the TortoiseSVN client for this purpose.

ALTERNATELY: You may download regularly packaged zips from our repository builds site at:

This read-only version of the repository is synced with the main repository approximately every 5 minutes, so it should be mostly up-to-date most of the time.

If you wanted to see about getting access to the dev version, pop into IRC to have a chat to an admin about getting your forum account upgraded to developer access.


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When you download a release package from the main download page, we automatically embed the needed libraries into the packages.
When you checkout the AddOns from their subversion directories, they DO NOT contain these libraries.
You will need to checkout the libraries seperately from their directories in the libs repository.
We recommend installing at the minimum: Stubby, Configator and Babylonian.